Starting the Journey: Autism Diagnostic Evaluations

Our team at Elemy is here to help your child—and whole family—through the autism care journey. The first step is a diagnostic evaluation, a process we’ve made simple so your child can get care quicker.

Evaluations, Made Easy

A clinical evaluation is needed before a diagnosis can be made, but evaluations can take months to schedule — which can be frustrating for parents. Luckily, Elemy is faster than the industry average; we offer autism evaluations for young children without the months-long wait.

“I appreciated the team’s level of professionalism and customer service. The team was very on top of things, and I loved how quickly they responded to my calls. It’s customer service that I’ve never seen before.”

— Jane Cooper

Mother of Emily

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— Lauren Hartley

“Elemy is the golden ticket for what parents need. Elemy makes the recommendations from providers feasible to parents. The accessibility is the best thing about this company.”

A diagnostic evaluation will assess your child's skills and strengths, identifying areas where they may need help. This is then used to determine the proper treatment and care. 

Why An Evaluation Is So Critical

During the evaluation process, a diagnostician will review your child’s history, collect information from you and others who know your child, and spend time with your child to assess their skills and behavior. The data is then used to determine whether a diagnosis of autism is made.

Regardless of the outcome, the data is used to recommend next steps and help you and your child’s care team make the best decisions for their care, wherever you choose to get it.

What Happens  During An Evaluation?

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The evaluation may be covered through insurance and we handle the benefits verification process, saving you time and stress. 

Our Diagnosticians

Dr. Flood

Dr. Flood has been a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of Florida since 2008.

Dr. Henry S. Roane received his PhD in Psychology from Louisiana State University in 2000.

Dr. Henry S. Roane

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